Bake and Shark!! #1 FAST FOOD in Trinidad and Tobago - Maracas Bay!!

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TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - Another amazing day in Trinidad and Tobago and today were doing a few things, starting with a unique roast fish and cheesy lobster, then going into the mountains to learn about Trinidad chocolate, and finally finishing with the most famous fast food in Trinidad - bake and shark at Maracas Bay!

Big thank you to #TrinidadandTobago #visitTrinidad for inviting me to Trinidad and Tobago and for making this trip happen! Guide to the things and food in this video:

Friends in the video:
Zaak (Foodie Tales with Zaak):

Dr. Roast Fish ( - Mayaro, Trinidad - Were starting on the East Coast of Trinidad, and going to meet up with Dr. Roast, who is famous for his roast fish. And Trinbagonian roast fish is something very unique and his recipe is different from any other roast fish Ive seen. He loaded up the fish with corn, plantains, green seasonings, and cheese to top it off! We also had a lobster covered in green seasoning, and topped with cheese again. Very nice guy and fresh seafood!

Brasso Seco Village ( - Next we drove into the mountains to Brass Seco Village. They have an indigenous population and they offer a number of eco friendly tourism opportunities like visiting the cacao plantations and seeing the entire process of how chocolate is made. It was a great learning experience, and eating the fresh cacao fruit was the highlight. We also had a quick lunch, a local meal and some Trinidadian dishes like smoked chicken in coconut milk.

Uncle Sam & Sons ( - Finally to complete this food tour today, we headed to the most famous beach in all of the island - Maracas Bay! Along with the beach, you cant go to Maracas Bay without eating Bake and Shark. The bake is more of a fried bread and the shark is real local shark meat thats seasoned and breaded, then deep fried and loaded into the bake. Finally, you add all your own toppings like pepper sauce, shadow beni, and pineapple. The best thing to do is then go stand or sit on the beach to enjoy the most famous and iconic beach food in Trinidad and Tobago!



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