Chicken Kebab Ottoman Way: Islim Kebab - Perfect For Ramadan

In this episode, I am making a festive and elegant menu that you can proudly serve to your family and friends. Our main course is a culinary masterpiece from Ottoman cuisine "islim kebab" chicken kebab wrapped in thinly sliced eggplants, promising full of flavor.
I will complete the menu with rice pudding sutlac and cack cold cucumber and yogurt side dish.
Let's dive into this feast together, making memories that last beyond Ramadan."I am making kebab with chicken and vegetables. An elegant dish from Ottoman cuisine. It is perfect for iftar or dinner menu for your family and friends.
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Ingredients For Chicken Islim Kebab:
5 preferably thin long eggplants (If you have thick you can cut again after you fry or bake to make it thinner for bundling)
salt and olive oil to drizzle over eggplant
baking paper (you can fry the eggplant slices which is traditional and even more delicious. Baking is a healthier, lighter option)
1 big chicken breast (about 400gr.)
1 big onion
3 sweet green peppers
a handful of mushrooms (about 100gr.)
2-3 cloves of garlic
2 medium-size ripened tomatoes or tomato puree (about 4 tbsp)
salt, red pepper flakes, black pepper to season
To garnish:
1-2 tomatoes
2-3 green peppers

For the Cack: (Yogurt, cucumber & mint cold drink)
1 big or 2-3 medium-size cucumbers
about 2 cups yogurt
1 tsp dried mint
ice cubes (optional)
chopped dill (optional but makes it even more fresh and delicious)
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