Dino Meatball Noodles!! GIANT STREET FOOD in Surabaya, Indonesia!!

Indonesian Street Food in Surabaya: https://youtu.be/xmshjsAWx3w?si=lP26nChFYf9LFYgI
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SURABAYA, INDONESIA - Welcome to Surabaya, an Indonesian street food capital of Indonesia. Today were eating some of the extreme street foods, including a 1 kilo beef meatball attached to a rib bone!

Huge thank you to Budi Tarjo: https://www.instagram.com/IndonesiaDiscoverer/ (He offers incredible tours in Indonesia), for taking me around Surabaya!

Bakso Cak Ateng (https://maps.app.goo.gl/TYWjYrUhhQMKAPEu6) - Bakso are Indonesian meatball, common and beloved throughout the country. Bakso Cak Ateng is known for his gigantic beef meatballs, formed onto a bone for handle. Its not only tasty, but very fun to eat. And its such a friendly place!

Kikil Sapi Bronggalan (https://maps.app.goo.gl/EsBYr2qyUobp9GHHA) - Next up were eating kikil sapi, the giant bones with beef tendon and bone marrow soup. Its the ultimate meaty meal to eat.

Spesial Belut Surabaya H. Poer (https://maps.app.goo.gl/3wyRc2f4HTi7x3Yh7) - When it comes to Surabaya, one of the tastiest of all Indonesian street foods is marinated eels deep fried, and of course served with delicious chili and garlic sambal chili sauce.

Nasi Babat Pegirian (https://maps.app.goo.gl/ttCNpDouxfQwGk5G6) - Another extreme Indonesian street food you have to try in Surabaya is called nasi babat, rice with fried organs especially tripe. The organs are marinated in huge amounts of spices before being slow fried. You eat it along with plenty of chili sambal for the tastiest late night experience.

Another incredible day eating Indonesian street food in Surabaya!

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