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In this episode of Daily Housewife Recipe you will learn to make
"Shahi Kofta"

Ingredients :

250gm grated paneer,
pista paste-2-3tbsp,
cashew-15 no.
coriander leaves
saffron paste
grated carrot 2-3 tbsp
ginger paste -1tbsp
garlic paste -half tbsp
corn flour-2-3tbsp,
2 onion,
1 tomato,
2 potato boiled and grated
2-3 green chilies
powdered sugar
fresh cream -2-3tbsp
milk-250 ml
garam masala-half tsp
saunf powder half tsp
jeera powder half tsp
red chilli powder half tsp
cardamom powder half tsp
shahi jeera half tsp
salt to taste
sugar 1tbsp
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