022: Nurturing Young Skeptics: Essential Guide to Teaching Critical Thinking to Kids and Teens

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When is the last time your kids were learning something in school and you got totally pulled in?

That happened to todays podcast guest, Kathy Gibbens, when her daughter was learning logic and critical thinking in middle school, and Kathy became a mom on a mission.

She realized critical thinking is, well, critical to our society thriving and started teaching others things like logical fallacies and how to spot propaganda and emotion-driven marketing.

I adored our conversation in this podcast! Look forward to some learning and some great challenges to become a better parent and a better person. Listen for:

* the deets on WHY critical thinking isnt taught in schools (it was intentional!! What???)
* tons of easy-to-learn terms that open up the world of logic
* why life is better for those who can think well
* simple steps to take to foster critical thinking in your home
* some really HARD steps to take to foster critical thinking in your home! ;)
* how helping little kids build their critical thinking muscles is different than tweens and teens
* why its a gargantuan problem if your teens arent disagreeing with youyes, I said are NOT disagreeing with you
* some super tips to help our kids take ownership of their health and nutrition

Seriously, this is a fantastic interview - I told Kathy when we started that I typically shoot for half an hour podcasts, but the most fascinating the interview, the longer I generally let it slide. By the timestamp you can see that I couldnt stop asking questions and eating up everything Kathy was dishing out!

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