Chocolate Ganache A Delicious Cake Frosting That's Super Easy To Make!

This chocolate ganache only contains 2 ingredients for a fast, delicious, and healthy frosting. If you love chocolate, you will love this.Visit my website:

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Chocolate ganache is so easy to make, you will never want to use the store bought version again. This only contains two ingredients: good quality chocolate and organic heavy whipping cream. That's all you need.

When you first melt the chocolate in the hot heavy cream, you end up with a delicious icing or glaze that you can drizzle over your cakes, cup cakes, pies etc.

If you want to make this into frosting, all you do is chill it a bit in the refrigerator or freezer and then take your whisk and whip it until it thickens into frosting. It's amazing and delicious.

1 cup of heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 cups of good quality chocolate

Directions: Place the heavy cream in a sauce pan over medium high. Don't let the cream boil. Use a whisk and stir frequently. Once you see some bubbles forming around the edges of the pan, remove the cream from the heat and pour over the chocolate chips that are in a bowl.

Let the cream and chocolate sit for a couple of minutes and then stir. Stir gently and stir until combined.

The mixture is ready to drizzle over a cake or cupcakes etc. You can make a thick fluffy frosting by placing the ganache in a refrigerator or freezer until it is cool and then whip it with a whisk into a nice fluffy frosting.

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